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Brand-Spanking new forum for arty types

Art Counsel has just launched a forum site where art lovers of all stripes and practices can talk about whatever.  Professionals, students, historians – you can all create your own discussion boards… or lurk on others’ for more vicarious pleasures.  This is meant to be a community building site where we can really get into the conversation of art.  No more glazed eyes when you discuss the intricacies of your esoteric obsessions.  Ask questions and get answers from people working in the field; Compare museum visits and travel notes;  Talk about something besides art (now we’re getting wild).

Join the conversation!  (gooble, gobble, one of us!)



  ayecyiqPty5 wrote @

What would certainly be great concerning this website is if you made it possible to subscribe to posts which you produce; Is this doable?

  artcounsel wrote @

Thanks for the suggestion and sorry about the delay (pesky database is taking up a lot of time). I have posted a link to the RSS feeds.

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