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the UWM Golda Meir Special Collections Library needs a dedicated gallery space for its always thought-provoking exhibitions.

I just viewed the “War and Rumors of War: Artists, Veterans, and Artists Books” exhibition curated by Max Yela. As usual the objects, theme, and text are worth some meditation. However, be warned! The objects are in the wall of display cases that compose the hall leading to Special Collections on the fourth floor. The architectural space will sweep you along unless you are really dedicated to viewing the exhibition. This is something to be lamented because Golda Meir Library has many spectacular objects that are truly underserved by this anonymous corporate-esque space that almost apologizes for containing art.

UWM, I beseech you, give Max a real gallery space to work in!

Though there is a Picasso, a Hayter, a Colescott and many works by recognized regional artists, my favorite is by one of Max’s students,  – a darkly witty untitled book, the pages of which are composed of a sliced image sandwiched between shards of glass.